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Use Your Google Sheet to Send:
Revenue Forecasts Status Reports Campaign Statistics Sales Updates Website Traffic Anything

Message Scheduling

Schedule messages on a daily or weekly bases to be delivered to your Slack channel. With the ability to pull real-time data from Google Sheets, your entire team will stay up-to-date in one convenient place.

/Command Triggers

Want custom-built reports on demand? Use slash commands to get the most up-to-date data from your Google Sheet whenever you want. With unlimited commands, every team can quickly access its critical data without ever leaving Slack.

Visual Post Builder

Quickly set up beautifully customized slack posts without having to code. Simply select the block type in Google Sheets and use a formula to link to your outputs.


Enjoy basic scheduling features of the Sheets to Slack add-on for free! If you want advanced features (like slash commands) or want to use scheduling across multiple Google Sheets you can always upgrade for lifetime access.

With a one-time purchase you’ll receive access to the source code that you can insert into any Google Sheet for unlimited functionality, in addition to resources like the visual post builder and premium support.


*Please note – upgrading does not increase add-on functionality. It gives you access to code snippets that you will insert into your existing Google Sheets to give you advanced functionailty.